A just war

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  • iota

    This is not an oxymoron. A just war is not self-contradictory, though some might use it as such if they are pacifists. I think the majority of readers can make a real distinction between and unjust war, say Charles Taylor’s support of the civil war in Sierra Leone, and a just war, like the Allied Powers against Nazi Germany and the Axis powers. Moreover, there is an entire body of work by serious scholars, philosophers, theologists, and policymakers relating to Just War Theory, which seeks to define how a war might be justified as well as the just cause of action by the participants of the war.

  • that’s what I was gunna say

  • iota is correct. This item should be removed from the oxymoron list.

  • bobbyboyce

    How can this be an oxymoron, nothing is contradicted. It is a value judgement on war as is an unjust war.

  • mrajmilne

    Oxymoron: A rhetorical figure in which incongruous or contradictory terms are combinedThese two terms (just and war), are not incongruous or contradictory

  • spectator

    Wow we have some guileful warmongers here. This is not a definitional oxymoron but a rhetorical oxymoron, meaning the terms “just[ice]” and “war” are philosophically mutually exclusive – something this site seems to have little problem with (“bureaucratic efficiencies” has been certified here).

  • Bob Peterson

    Let me just say, this entire website is full of liberal crap.

  • ern

    The problem is that they *aren't* philosophically mutually exclusive. “Bureaucratic efficiencies” isn't an oxymoron either. A “rhetorical” oxymoron is basically something that isn't an oxymoron, but that some people *wish* was an oxymoron. But that doesn't change the reality that it still isn't one.

  • spankymicgee

    wow,this makes sence=]

  • B.E.A.S.T.


  • smowlboker

    While this is definitely crap, I wouldn't necessarily say it's liberal. Anti-war sentiments don't really fit in to the ideals of either party, it just so happens that a lot of liberals are also douchebag peace activists. (Not that peace is bad, just that peace activists are generally douchers)

  • Coyotes11

    This is not an oxymoron (unless you are a moron!)

  • Coyotes11

    you got that right

  • Mel

    I would say stopping Hitler was a just war. No oxymoron.

  • Quadri Zafruddin

    a war for justification

  • Caminante34

    Wars are never just

  • Wayne456

    mann just delete this website

  • Wayne456

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  • Justhardsex

    Fucking rednecks. I’m not a liberal, and I still say war is never justified unless in defence. Invading another country’s land can be morally excusable how exactly?!

  • Rey Hinckley

    The Just War principles was originally a philosophical justification for war based on the adherence to certain criteria. The Roman Catholic Church added one criterium in order to approve it, that criterium is that a member of the Clergy could not be drafted.
    The Roman Church was the new improved church that also leagalized killing heretics who differed with the church of Constantine.
    Jesus was strict about nonviolence being the way, but “Christians” preferred to believe that they could indescriminately kill people and be forgiven.

  • Seimhin

    Reworded: “Let me just say, this entire website is full of liberal dung/droppings.”

    Representation quality: 6/10
    * Refrain from using profanities/vulgarities
    * Refrain from using overly informal/casual language

  • Seimhin

    Representation quality: 3/10
    * Actually use something called capitalization
    * Use formal language
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  • Seimhin

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  • Seimhin

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  • Seimhin

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  • Seimhin

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  • Seimhin

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  • Seimhin

    Why not wipe the submissions instead? Let the Academicians seed the oxymorons and moderate the comments. Oh, right, intelligence is illegal, judging from your frivolous suits.

  • Seimhin

    “The police made war on the notorious serial killer.”

    Take THAT! Always and never are generally traps.

  • Seimhin

    Put a period at the end. Who am I, my brother’s keeper?

  • Paul Joeypaul

    Intelligent conservative = oxymoron

  • Komuhangisheila

    ”A lovely accident” by sheila k

  • “A just war” is NOT an oxymoron, as are aproximately 20% of the listings on this website.

  • Nice, that’s helpful for me!

  • Tjwj91123456 oxymoron

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  • fourdint

    um no, that would be Ad Hominem

  • fourdint

    I Agree … a war can be just … perhaps “it’s a bloodless war” is oxymoron?

  • KenN9852

    Just war an oxymoron? Maybe to those who don’t know what a war is. A country invading another country isn’t a war until the country being invaded fights back, then it’s a war. Would the invaded country be justified in defending themselves from their invaders? I say yes. A better oxymoron for just would be “just injustice”

  • Kevin Lane

    There are things in life worth fighting for. For example: if one’s freedom was taken away, and one declared war to get it back, then one would be justified to declare war.

  • h


  • YoCuz

    Yea like “CIVIL / WAR” nothing CIVIL about WAR

  • sfdsdfsdfsdfsdf

    Calm down. Not everyone is perfect.

  • CanofSand

    Of course THIS is the comment the site “features,” not any of the ones based on objective fact and with far more upvotes.

  • CanofSand

    “Jesus was strict about nonviolence”

    Jesus taught about love and turning the other cheek but He also drove moneychangers from the temple (and not by asking them nicely) and talked about being a sword, etc., so the notion that He was a pacifist, “strict about nonviolence,” is objectively false.

  • CanofSand

    No, but you seem to want to be. I correct people’s typos and other errors once in a while (generally only when they’re insulting someone ELSE’s intelligence while simultaneously looking like an idiot themselves), but to say you’re going overboard with it would be an understatement. I realize this comment is years old so I hope you’ve grown up since then.