accurate horoscope

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  • Manimaran

    horoscope in no way can be accurate

  • Manimaran

    horoscope in no way can be accurate

  • horoscope is a cam it be accurate

  • LolNoWay

    My horoscopes are 95% accurate.

  • GoplerGop

    this is not oxymoron. it’s just a plain statement.

  • Beast Boil

    I am a professional predictive astrologer. Unless you’ve had your natal chart (horoscope) read to you by a master astrologer, you have no idea what astrology is really about, or how incredibly accurate it is. It is a science. At least, that’s how the ancients practiced it, and that’s how I do as well. If silly people start writing horoscopes, and you think that’s the real deal, then that says more about you than it does the astrologer. No one who takes a serious investigation into astrology (and I am NOT talking about Sun Sign Horoscopes for God’s Sake, that is modern invention and constitutes less than 1% of the history of astrology. I am against them, that’s not authentic astrology, its mostly for amusement. If you don’t know that…. lol), can remain a skeptic, unless they are set out to remain controversial regardless of evidence presented in their face. I suggest you look into a Greek Scholar named Robert Schmidt. Take it up with him, if you think you’re so sure that astrology isn’t valid. Oh wow, are you in for treat. He’s a genius, so I’d let him speak for me,,, and the world. But I’ve made predictions years in advance that have come true to the exact hour (eg a romantic relationship). You have no idea! I’m basically never wrong — for it is a science. You don’t know that because you haven’t studied Hellenistic Astrology, have you. So how would you know if it is accurate? Furthermore, astrology is the ancestor and King of all science, for all science stems from it. “A physician without knowledge of astrology is better to call himself a fool than a doctor.” — Hippocrates, founder of modern medicine.

  • DeeDee

    Would like to pay for a reading