Act Naturally

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  • So true.

  • Braeden

    not necessarly a oxymoron. Some people believe that the phrase to 'Act Naturally' is an oxymoron, they think that 'Acting' means pretending and being 'natural' is the opposite of this.This comes from old fashioned and misunderstood nature of what it means to Act. To act simple means to take action, somewher along the way, the meaning became something to do with actors pretending to be other people, but essentially the key to acting is to do less pretending and more being, the key to which is action (the meaning of the word Drama in ancient Greek)

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  • Sk8terboyjones08


  • Nyuura

    Actually, in this day and age, both meanings are used. Therefore, you can assume that “Act Naturally” is using the old meaning, where people pretend to be other people.AmIRite?

  • nice ass


  • 123star

    I personally really like this one and I don't think you need to get too technical with the meaning of the words. As stated in previous comments both meanings are used of act. It makes total sense why it would be an oxymoron.

  • Heclqr

    I think it’s a great song.

  • Ben

    what if your a Siamese twin and you act like your twin? wouldn’t that be acting naturally, since your technically attached to your twin?

  • 2018blarson

    I just said that today! “Okay you guys, ACT NATURAL!”

  • GoplerGop

    You are right in a tricky way. If someone ask you to “act naturally”, it’s easy to perceive it as ” relax”.



  • mike

    This is an oxymoron which consists of TWO WORDS which demonstrate exact opposites. Such as “marineland”. Most of the others in the list are not oxymorons.

  • Snoopdog

    Act means to pretend to be someone else and naturally means yourself

  • one direction

    I enjoy this helped with home work