all alone

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  • ImTheRealMac

    Me, myself, and I encompass “all alone”. Body, soul, mind and spirit, beyond doubt, do war within, to explain why you can feel “all alone” in this world of extreme miscellany.

  • praks b.

    this needs to be “alone together”

  • praks b.

    this needs to be “alone together”

  • nice asss


  • Anonymous

    They are all alone. Each is alone individually in separate rooms

  • Gnych

    surely, even if wrongly, all means completely in this context as in all washed-up

  • Zippetta

    This is my least favorite oxymoron of all time.

  • max

    all by ur self 

  • Lolo196577

    I don’t get this one..And a lot of others..

  • Amira Awil

    Just me, Myself and I