American education

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  • antiheroine

    … Lol.

  • Kjjkj

    XD thats awsome

  • Kjjkj

    XD thats awsome

  • why is this on Oxymoron? It’s an education found in America, which by the way i am getting tired of.

  • guest

    The point is that it is NOT an education, considering 40% (give or take) of US citizens cannot find Iraq on a map after 8 years of US occupation!!

  • Dhsjalkfkj

    Yeah, that works. I found this one not too long ago on a (believe it or not) gaming forum.

  • Timmothy be rockin

    it a joke man. Dont bitch about it.


    Well maybe the education system ISN’T a joke and maybe people should take responsibility to learn places like Iraq. JEEZUZ GUIZES LEARN YO STUFF.

  • J05hu4

    Did you know that 76% of statistics are made up on the spot?

  • J05hu4

    Do you know how offensive that is to me? Saying American education is not good at all? Sure, it’s not funded well, but we take the budget cuts and avoid cutting the actual curriculum, and that’s coming from a 7th grader, basically the person in the world who can’t say a good thing about very many people. And, about the Iraq on a map thing, I am a child in America who had the map of Africa memorized at age 4. And no, I didn’t do that on my own time, I learned it at school. What else did I learn in Kindergarten? Cursive, Multiplication, Exponents, Numbers up to 1000, I was reading chapter books every day, and I was completing 100 page phonic books in a day. Try insulting American education after you hear about it and not base it on stereotypes.

  • Robertwhiteye

    If this is so wrong. why then didn’t anyone list “American idiot” as an oxymoron. lol take a joke for what it is. even if you are the joke.

  • Racp

    Ok, now this is a question not a comment: should we consider to include in the list “American thinker”? I believe a good case could be made. Can we think about it?

  • Blame Canada

     dont think they mean it is not good at all..

    just that one of those words doesnt exist in america and this is probably the first time you have heard. or understood “oxymoron”
    you insinuate that your smart?.. cant be to cleveryou still live in america

  • Hello

    i thought it was 97% of statistics were made up.. ironic lol

  • Hello

    i thought it was 97% of statistics were made up.. ironic lol

  • hahaha!

    Ahahahaha America is retarded :). (BTW for all you “americans” out there, america is not a country…)

  • Luke Warmwater

    Nob cheese, Lookn that one up 🙂

  • Mr S Teacher

    I or i? Hmm… that’s education for you!

  • 12345

    Hmm, why do such publications including the QS World University Rankings, Times Higher Education World University Rankings, Academic Ranking of World Universities, Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities, etc. place so many US universities at the top of their rankings? Hmm…

  • Roy

    American, is a diplomatic name for a citizen of a country. Education is a noun used to describe the act of enlightenment. American education is a diplomatic enlightenment of the American citizen. Should this even be considered and oxymoron?

  • NotComingBack

    Aw man I thought I thought i could trust this website. But I guess not. Jeez I hate stereotypes.

  • Lyle

    It is a country hence the United States of America (USA) or America for short

  • Mira

    Just something I heard…

  • An american