Anarchy Rules!

Discuss this oxymoron in the comments below.

  • Cuddie_Erin

    I love this one[:

    It makes sence, and im now a ruling anarchay 😀


  • jyo

    almost perfect

  • Sammiixrose

    By far my most favourite oxymoron!- Samantha

  • i dont have one

    u r a retard

  • How so?- Samantha

  • tarrence


  • harri

    the best one IMHO

  • Tex Tex Mecx

    This is my worst favourite.

  • pffft

    we are the best… screw the rest…..we do as we damn well pleaaaaaase…untill the end….st trinians!!!! defenders of anarchy…….

  • praks b.

    like i guess this could mean “anarchy is awesome” like rules as in awesome :/

  • praks b.

    like i guess this could mean “anarchy is awesome” like rules as in awesome :/

  • nice ass

    u guys are nerdslol

  • Epick N33B

    well a anarchy has no form of a central government so they have no “rules” but its saying anarchy Rules which they dont have any rules so they cant be ruled

  • Nyuura

    Yes it does, man, yes it does

  • cock smooch

    go fuck yourself you fucking cunt. where the fuck do yyou live? its people like you who piss people like me off enough to go murder babies and puppies. your a fucking bitch you faggot. go hang yourself

  • Junk

    This is the best one by far.  It could be saying Anarchy is the best, but it also could be referring to the rules of the Anarchist organization which is even funnier.  The fact that the Anarchists exist as an organization at all is funny enough, but if you read what they are trying to achieve compared to what they are supposed to stand for it is even funnier.

  • Johnsmith

    anarchy no leader rules haha smart and witty

  • Tony

    Not an oxymoron, sorry. Anarchy is the absence of government, not absense of rules, where society is “ruled” by its members. Actually it imposes more responsability and intelligence.

  • very good

  • “” society is “ruled” “” no ruled by its members

  • y8

    nice. ANARCHY RULES!

  • oxmor

    This oxymoron is a bit extreme, isn’t it?