army intelligence

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  • Rush

    Liberals….(sigh). It’s time to realize Bush is out of office, it’s no longer hip and cool to hate everything about your country, unless you actually know what’s going on. Which you don’t.

  • 14

    I agree 100% Rush. Damn sheep.

  • bdsbv

    LOL are you saying the army is dumb?

  • no name wilson

    more of an opinion-based oxymoron, just like microsoft works, but technically they're not considered oxymorons

  • mousefulwit

    haha.this one is funny.

  • Waltherderek

    This site is retarded. I mean this crap is misleading for someone who is actually looking for reliable information for school, (like me) but im smart enough to tell that “a just war” and “army intellegence” are in fact not oxymorons, you just have to be one to think so.

  • Crazy_rizy

    I Agree With Waltherback. Most Of These Are Stupid

  • Crazy_rizy

    I Agree With Waltherback. Most Of These Are Stupid

  • Morrisj15

    Army Intelligence may or may not be an Oxymoron. It is. however, a Contradiction in Terms.

  • Tet

    Single mother

  • Jayday78

    LOL. That must be sarcasm because your statement is an oxymoron.

  • Eazydoesit13

    yeah the army is dumb. and im speaking from the inside! lol

  • Patrickleelemon

    o my god thats so true

  • Junk

    As most of the comments below point out, this is not really an oxymoron.  It may be best described as an accurate stereotype.

  • Caolan1

    Go army you traitor

  • Karen

    that is really stupid. not a real oxymoron. just sad.

  • the truth

    that was the crappiest oxymoron i have ever heard

  • Le_Swaggy_Troller

    right cause armys aren’t intelligent. just like the guy below me