casual sex

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  • natashalowe

    ok wats up with your name?

  • greenpepper

    idgi how is this an oxymoron guys

  • Jeff

    Sex is and always will be a serious business you prat!! So “casual” + “sex” doh!!!!

  • melanierobynnehandlock3

    its an oxymoron because it shouldnt be casual sex duhh….. casual like casual clothing jeans that sorta thing sex…. making love….. see you dont mix the two

  • Ladasha

    Yall are all losers!!!!!

  • bobo

    i love casual sex. especially with people i dont even know

  • Pipeyoudown


  • Pipeyoudown


  • Guest

    this isn't an oxymoron…

  • Libidi

    This is not an oxymoron. Look up the word casual in any decent on line dictionary.

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  • Anonymous

    its an oxymoron because sex is never casual or never should be- its supposed to be taken seriously0 considering the consequences. so yeeeah

  • Guest

    Ethics aside, I believe the idea is that sex is inherently an intimate activity.  It involves exposing yourself to another, involves health risks due to the threat of STDs, and generally hold no small amount of cultural significance.  Even when partaking of the activity outside the bounds of more traditional views on how a relationship ought to be, there is still not much about it which can be considered causal.

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  • Justkittie

    It is but in a weird way lol like sex is sop poses to be special and stuff but casual? Naw it’s not supposed to be lol

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  • um… no duh?

    Look it up on google images lol and you’ll get it right away…. IF YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS STAY AWAY

  • known anonymous

    real bullshit :>

  • ur dead grandma

    o please you do not have casual sesx you are on a oxymoron website lol

  • Lol cats

    Lol cats

  • Lol Cats

    Lol cats

  • Casual Sex Expert

    Casual sex is a sexual relation not involving a love relationship.

  • Casual Sex Expert

    This is no joking matter ladies and gentlemen, get a degree in Sex Expertise, and specialize in Casual Intercourse then we can joke while drinking tea at my grandmothers ranch.

  • LOL cats the 2nd

    Lol Cats

  • LOL cats the 2nd