Dry Ice

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  • Uknow_3zr4

    ice is dry..

  • flaviu

    U don’t say that ice is dry…i want facts

  • asdfsdf

    Ice is dry because it is the solid form of water. When it is purely ice, there is no moisture because it is in the solid state. The moisture, or condensation, from ice is in actually water from the melted ice.

  • Donchakno!

    Ice is frozen water, it’s not wet ice it’s just ice. Dry Ice is frozen Carbon Dioxide. Ice isn’t ‘Dry Ice’ because you can have ice with moisture on the outer layer, but Dry Ice can only exist at a temperature where nothing can exist without being air or solid.

  • bls 1234

    ice drips water and is also slippery so it is not dry

  • TheDoctor

    Dry ice is not ice

  • TheDoctor

    Or maybe it is dry ice, which is frozen Carbon Dioxide.