Good Morning

Discuss this oxymoron in the comments below.

  • english123

    excuse me? this is one of the worst excuses for an oxymoron i have ever seen. good morning? no, it is not funny. the only funny thing about it is that you think it may actually be an oxymoron. hah! no, it is wrong. please change your oxymoron list, you oxy morons!

  • Frank Carr

    It’s a typo.  He meant “good mourning.”  But it’s not usually used as a phrase.

  • Dynamiteshell

    you are stupid, immature. if you dislike this so strongly, get the F*** out

  • Naples

    How is this an oxymoron ?

  • Mellow113

    really…..please explain how can someone who have survived a night to realise that they are alive, that its not a good morning?

  • Nekk

    it’s a joke. get your head out of your ass