mexican american

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  • Rocketsurgeon

    I don’t really see how this is an oxymoron. Well, the term might be used rather strangely, but analyzing it, it is not contradicting itself. All Mexicans are “Americans”, as much as all Colombians are. And North-Americans and Canadians for that matter. Oxymoron fail.

  • Denis Ariel Bello Urizarri

    Yeah… I don’t see it either… mexican and american are not opposites, if anything they are different thing, but not even exclusive. It would be like saying that african american or french canadian are oxymorons…

  • Sydnicorn

    It’s an oxymoron because Mexican and American are NATIONALITIES. Which is a legal tie to the country. If you’re a registered citizen in the United States you’re American, and if your ancestors are from Mexico and you’re an American citizen, you’re Hispanic. Now yes, Mexico is part of North America, but it’s not cited as such within nationality terms for whatever reason…