Negative Growth (economic recession)

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  • Halibut McScuff

    This pisses me off. It is another blow for the ‘doublethink brigade’ and frankly, as a phrase of  Newspeak, ought to be lined up against a wall, a hypothetical wall, and hypothetically shot through the face.  Their remains to be encapsulated in a soft dogbob and fired directly into the open yet eager mouths of those who formulated the phrase, those who made it popular enough to appear on here alongside those who perpetuate its use. Do not misunderstand me, I would be the first to encourage linguistic evolution, but between Newspeak and Textspeak I do not fancy the direction that some of our less well bred fellows are choosing to follow.  Halibut McScruff, President of THONG (The Haters Of Newspeak Group)