white chocolate

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  • someone u don kno

    i don get this one either

  • azn

    well, chocolate is suppose to be brown not white.

  • azn

    well, chocolate is suppose to be brown not white.

  • Losergirlwannabebloggingulife

    LOL…the opposite of this would be “Dark Chocolate”.

  • Seraphina67

    idiots…this is sooooooooooooooooooooo e z.

  • Mharman91

    an oxymoron is not a verb describing a noun!!!!! its a contrition like hot cold or wet dry but a NOUN like chocolate described by a VERB like white is not a oxymoron in fact saying it is one just makes you MORON

  • Seimhin

    The people here are morons dumb as oxen. Really.

  • Nodepony

    White chocolate is not chocolate

  • Nessus

    Depends on whether you consider “chocolate” to be candy made from the cocoa bean in general, or just the cocoa solids. The former is what’s technically correct, but most varieties of chocolate are brown to dark due to solids content, so it’s just sort
    of the general impression that many people grow up with that “real” chocolate should
    be the brown kind.

    White chocolate is just one extreme end of the range of what chocolate can be, depending on the ratio of cocoa oil to cocoa solids: it’s mostly just the cocoa oil with sugar and sometimes milk. The opposite end would be dark chocolate, which is mostly
    solids with only just enough oil to act as a binder, and relatively little sugar. Semisweet is more in the middle, and it is lighter, creamier brown because of the higher oil content.

    Cocoa powder like you’d use in baking is pure cocoa solids with no sweeteners or binders, and tasting it, it’s obviously not “chocolate” all by itself. Similarly, pure cocoa oil with no sweeteners (or milk or other ingredients to improve consistency and taste) is not “white chocolate”, and tastes just as bad in its own way as as pure cocoa powder.

    That said, when you see an article about the psychological/physiological effects of chocolate, most of the chemicals they’re talking about reside in the solids not the oils. In that context white or other low-solid types would be implicitly excluded, but that’s just a writer’s convenience, not an actual chocolate/not chocolate distinction.

    So TL/DR: as long as it’s real “white chocolate” (lots of it isn’t these days, ’cause actual cocoa oil is more expensive than simply hydrogenating an ordinary veg oil solid and artificially flavoring it), then yes, it technically is chocolate, and this is not an oxymoron.

    Also, “white” is an adjective, not verb, and an oxymoron can be an adjective and a noun (or a verb and a noun) as long as the two words appear to link mutually exclusive things: e.g. “jumbo shrimp”, “stand fast”, etc.