A Fine Mess

Discuss this oxymoron in the comments below.

  • Jamie

    I think it’s good to stand up for yourself. On the other hand, cuss words make great oxymorons. Have you ever known someone that drops the f bomb like every two minutes? I know like 6 of them. I hate it when they do that though because then you get in the habit of it and you say it before EVERY SINGLE WORD. I can’t really think of any good ones right now… Well this is kinda just horrible use of bad words, but it’s like *d *f these *b *a *n. that is is a line in look at me now. Does that make any sense?

    On not so unrelated matters, since I am typing this on my iPhone, I OFFICIALLY HATE ALL APPLE PRODUCTS. I already hated macs because they are just awful in general. iPods are just like iPhones without cell coverage. I hate iPhones basically because sometimes it will exit out of apps randomly and the search wont work and it all runs on iTunes, which is the WORST SOFTWARE IN THE WORLD. No offence apple lovers. I’m just a windows person.

  • Jamie

    Hahaha all my friends tell me I write too much. I don’t write enough when it’s assigned in school though. I do love to write. But that was LONG!!!:)

  • Jdp_12_21_1999

    ya so shut your pie hole

  • Sam


  • your dick

    shut yo fuckin’ ass up you peace of dip shit.

  • big booty hoes


  • anonymuss

    I was wondering, is: The use of the useless. An oxymoron too?
    Btw, sorry if my english is bad, i’m dutch.. (:

  • Cameron

    Hey Bud.

  • #hashtag

    this describes my life #finemess

  • Bradly Hunter

    very funny assholes


    I am not even going to type anything…

  • ASDF

    Dude. It’s “I was wondering, is ‘The use of the useless’ an oxymoron, too?”

    Seriously. There is no excuse for this kind of stupidity. Unless you were, like, Dutch, or something.

  • Goku

    Mashed Potatos Bitch Call me Goku Take it Hopperz o.O

  • hopper iee

    end of line stop swearing

  • ninja man 511389

    stop swearing and stoping is carring
    and im a girl so yeah

  • ninja man 511389

    gokus a bad example on children says a 13 year old who knows all the swears in the book

  • Guest

    i fucken love to fucken cuss so if you dont want me fucken cussing then leave you fucken fuckery FUCK FUCK ! !

  • Rick Astley

    Well this became a fine mess

  • jojo

    Wow, good for you for telling a 10 year old how it is.

  • Hopperz227

    Ur are so mint and u are so cool m8 you no every word m8 your a badass your 12 aswell :O your too cool

  • Dingleburry

    You guys are a bunch of morons…..hehe see what I did there.

  • joey

    this is a hyperbolic irony ..

  • bitch

    fuck off bitches!

  • mensun Wang

    I am also 10 years old >:)

  • Some guy

    AMEN TO THAT!!!!!!!


    I was gonna say thats just rude then i saw the unless your dutch part lol

  • sdf

    dot be bullshit

  • dj

    no swearing bitches I tring2domyhw

  • Allison

    im only 8 and im doing this for school so dont curse Im only 8 and im doing this for school so dont curse