Adult male

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  • Jonathan Brown

    Wtf is this doing on the list? This is in no way an oxymoron.

    While the word male can be used to refer to non-female children, it is equally (and more commonly) applied to adults.

  • Rox Cru

    I think the concept here is that “men” are perceived to act more immature than females by exasperated women who are in relationships with them. Ever heard the joke “What’s the difference between a stock bond and a man?” Bonds mature. The battle of the sexes is still alive.

  • Al

    I think rather than coming from a linguistic perspective, it is coming from the sexist view that males are never adult. You’re quite right, it is by no means an oxymoron.

  • face76

    I love sexism!! It's hilarious! Because men are shit.

  • Cluix

    Wtf? I don't get it… I'm a flower in the show. If you look it of course. Up yours. Wtf on the phone? Gamer lamer… Woah yeah hey hooo!

  • cowpiegirl

    i love this cuz men are stupid iddiots that are ruining the world

  • EnigamaticAnomaly

    It's all humans, not just men.

  • bethanrichardson

    “Son, what do you want to be when you grow up?” “mommy, when I grow up, I want to be a man.” “Tut. Don't be silly son, you can't do both” xD love it.

  • Jyo

    another oxymoron “tolerant femenists”

  • jyo

    women who rule have penises

  • HMW

    Absolute FAVORITE!

  • paul sloman

    a rational woman?

  • notsocrazy

    i agree with jyo on tolerant feminists being an oxymoron

  • notsocrazy

    If women were so much better then men then giving women voting rights should have made things better…hmmm

  • adultmale

    Isn't today's society great? If a man makes a funny sexist comment he's fired from his job and kicked in the crotch by the entire female staff, but when a woman makes a funny sexist comment she's being celebrated by the entire staff, gets a promotion and is published as the greatest creative mind in the history of time in all the major newspapers.Sure, sometimes light sexist jokes can be funny (if in the right crowd), but let's try to keep it on equal terms (now that's an oxymoron).

  • Taneth

    ahem. What about Female Logic?



  • kennyscotten

    More like creampie girl! Wooooooo!!!!!

  • guest

    this is not an oxymoron moron, nicedykes u r not funny, just retarded, ur on, u stupid retarded nerd, i hope u see this just to show how immature and how much u seem like a douchbag

  • guest who rox

    Aha, I get it. And yes it an oxymoron. Because men don't always act like they're adult. thats why the most painful insult to a man is “grow up.” cuz sometimes men need 2 grow up sometimes. 😛

  • Frances F

    I must have been napping….where oh where is this gent to be found??

  • jairun

    if anything, women are more childish than men. unwillingness to accept they're wrong. complaining about every last detail. oh, and that whole “i'm pms-ing” excuse is getting old. just saying.

  • Ursceneisdead

    Women: Just have such low self-esteem that they hide the very own person that they are to absolutely everyone. hell they dont even know who they are themselves.Men: Just dont care… usually works out….no matter who we try to be 🙂

  • OXYMORON= Oxygen + Moron! :p

  • Feminine male 🙂

  • Elise

    I think you just described my Step-Dad…

  • Alina

    this is HILARIOUS.

  • Debrap56

    This one is too funny.

  • Grace

    actually oxy moron derives from greek roos: oxy= sharp moron= dull oxymorn=sharpdull

  • grace

    silly women dont need logic we have: INTUITION!

  • jinxz16

    where da joke yo!!!!!!

  • Grace

    Actually I think they were making fun of the fact that the oxymoron above was sexist towards men. Hence the reference to the Women's TV channel Oxygen,and moron 😛

  • Mulben0218

    my english teacher is a feminist and all she talks about is how men do nothing but take advantage of women. im annoyed. that is being stereotypical. women do things that annoy us sometimes, too and not all men are immature and rude. not all women are nice and intelligent.

  • Almind1

    intuition without logic? ouch.
    and not all men are morons. Just sayin'

  • Sillyoldbean

    good luck with your future husband no offence

  • Mulben0218

    my english teacher is a feminist and all she talks about is how men do nothing but take advantage of women. im annoyed. that is being stereotypical. women do things that annoy us sometimes, too and not all men are immature and rude. not all women are nice and intelligent.

  • Almind1

    intuition without logic? ouch.
    and not all men are morons. Just sayin'

  • Sillyoldbean

    good luck with your future husband no offence

  • Orka

    Y do Drs smack babies on the bum when born…Cos the dicks fall off the DUMB ones. bwaaahahahahaha

  • antimisandry

    No people like you are ruining the world with your misandry, if you hate men so much then maybe bugger off to a desert island with all the other bigot feminists start your own amazon cult and leave us nomal people alone.

  • antimisandry

    Reply to the first half of your comment: I hate sexism, just because it’s aimed at men by women does not make it ok. I bet if you heard a man being sexist towards a woman you wouldn’t be laughing. Hypocrite.

    Reply to the first comment: No Your shit. If you had any common sense You would realise that both Men and Women need to stop blaming each other for their problems and work together as one race. Or is that too much for your misandrist brain to handle?

  • Adamska

    so true.

  • antimisandry

    On the second paragraph, I meant to put “Reply to the second half of your comment.” Oops.

  • KTBugg<3

    I love this one, it’s the truest oxymoron ever made!!! <3

  • A nice girl

    The whole “pms”ing thing is only getting old because it happens for two weeks every damn month! And you don’t need to diss that, because obviously YOU’VE never been there.
    You think it’s all, “Oh, I’m bleeding, oh well, life can go on?” Nope. It’s more like:
    “Ugh! I started again… I have to make sure I stay near a bathroom at all times, can’t go out if the cramps and headaches are bugging me…”
    Then we get all pissed ‘cuz no MEN really care! You think everything is all fine and dandy…
    P.M.S is Pre Menstrual Syndrome… it happens BEFORE, AFTER AND DURING a girl’s period.

  • A nice girl

    Excuse me? Actually, women are more mature than men, don’t beleive me? Google it.
    An intelligent and nice woman, who hates it when MEN diss her gender.

  • A nice girl

    Obviously, someone is STERIOTYPING this… Men make sexist jokes ALLE the time at my work, and we women don’t care. But, as soon as WE crack a joke, we’re not allowed to do any big projects, and a few girls have gotten fired. For FAAAAAAAAR worse than what men have said…

  • Kait

    A man not full of bullshit?
    Now THAT’S an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one!

  • Kait

    Or kind male, for that matter…

  • Kait

    Ahem. What about quiet male?
    Yup, now THAT’S an oxymoron.

  • Kait

    Uhm, no. The ONLY men I’ve ever known who were NICE were either GAY or OLD.

  • Kait

    If I knew what you had spelled, I would perhaps say something rude in return. So, I’m guessing you’re a man with no dick, then?
    Sincerely, A smart female.
    definately not an Oxymoron.

  • Kait

    I’m with ya, sista!

  • A nice girl

    you know, you really ARE a silly old bean… this woman can stick up for herself, assert herself, and all you maled can do is scream

  • Guest

    s there a “love” button coming soon to replace the “like” button?

  • Firelordofhyrule

    Ya know what why can’t we just get over this sexist crap and all be friends here? Honestly, whoever posted this junk is a sexist loser who thinks they’re all f***in’ that!!

  • Firelordofhyrule

    WELL FUCK YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Firelordofhyrule


  • Firelordofhyrule

    Amen, brother…

  • Firelordofhyrule

    Amen, brother…

  • Firelordofhyrule


  • Firelordofhyrule

    Really, so things would all be better if there was an Eve but no Adam, of if George Washington hadn’t saved our country from those redcoat SOBs, or if Jesus hadn’t died on the cross to save humanity?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I DIDN’T FUCKING THINK SO, SO FUCK OFF YOU SEXIST WHORE!!!!!!!

  • Firelordofhyrule

    It’s one thing to make a sexist or racist JOKE (J-O-K-E), but when you actually go as far as to hurt somebody, then that’s crossing the line. Mind you there is a very THIN line between a joke and an insult, and this “oxymoron” has just walked over that line.

  • Seimhin

    Hopefully, you aren’t actually a man yet, because if you are, then…

  • Seimhin

    May I refer to you a book titled Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus?

    Ladies, it is true that on average, you mature first, but from years of observing adolescent dunces (with occasional decents or talents), I must note that the way the males act is below human. Is it any surprise that the perverse pregnancy rate is rising? It will take a human level of morality on the part of the male and a high sense of barriers for the females (although my wife would rephrase that so that the ladies look even better!).

  • Seimhin

    And no, you do not want to see the wrath of Mrs. Èimhin, especially when you make even a small factual error in mathematics. She has been ranting about the incompetent unions beyond the aneurysm point and that is very close to reality. Of course, she does think I am immature when I rage over grammar. Ah well, the joys of projection combined with cognitive dissonance.

  • Jmickymiller

    That just aint right!!! So what if women mature quicker than men. Men keep their youth longer. Hah! Hows that for slow maturation. And by the way women tend to contribute to men’s slow maturation by trying to mother men. I relish my youth and frankly so do most women. Am I immature? Of course! I won’t reach full maturity til I die. Then what good will that be? So til then I will have as much fun as I possibly can.

  • Jsoaro

    Just because girls have there periods every month doesn’t mean shit. Your not the only ones with something going on. Guys have stuff going on in there life too, sometimes that shit is worse than your fucking period. Your just a masochist bitch bent on being sexist to men. When do you ever see a guy complaining that he was dumped or some other shit. Thats because were not assholes that have to make excuses to act like a douche. Periods aren’t the end of the world. Go complain about something that matters like your parents got shot or your getting divorced. Also girls complain way to much about shit that doesn’t matter. I’m fucking tired of all you stereotypical Hippocrates. If men had periods you’d complain that it gets old too. so fuck off and stop being sexist. You say your a nice girl but you’re just like all the other sexist bitches out there. go join a feminist party and wonder off in the desert and die.

  • Jsoaro

    Amen brother. If women are more “mature” then men then how come they do the same things we do?

    And let us not forget it was eve who tempted adam into biting the apple. So fuck you for our eternal damnation

  • Seimhin

    Are you insulting Judeo-Christian beliefs? Don’t use that word especially after, “Amen!”

  • Wolf

    The only women who aren’t annoying are those in a coma and those that are dead. And the only men who are adults were either women first or had a brain transplant.

  • C2a1l

    ok this just makes me laugh lol…you people are aguing on a freakin a website…about how women are better than men and men are better than women…there is no evidence…no matter how many tests scientists do…there is no evidence of either sex being better than the other…shit women are doing ‘men’ jobs and men are doing ‘women’ jobs…both sex’s are equivalent so get the fuck over it and live your lives…and keep your opinions to yourself when you know there are ppl out there that will argue with you…when you put your opinions out on the internet you know your just starting an arguement…

  • Random mortal

    oh sod it. I came to this site to have a laugh not a debate.

  • Cutebabycakes223

    Um .. so where’s the discussion about the oxymoron?

  • guest

    From the way some of you people are acting no wonder people go gay or lesbian

  • just saying

    what in the world who really cares some men are immature and so are some women it just depands on who you hang out with and what way you look at it

  • 17deswil

    do you realized that you just said that men arent wise or can make good decisions what about albert einstein he created the energy the stars make or thomas edison he created the light AND the telephone you cant just say were immature plus space immature and it spells I’M MATURE. then im 12 and i take this in mean way

  • A annoyed Boy

    SO!? Woman take advantige of all this equality bullshit. Im all for it but when a girl gets out of trouble just because shes a girl, and then says all guys are immature. they can take advantage of us too! And there you said another stereotype that eludes the equality. Fuck you


    Go join a feminist group. i admit men, yes are immature, but seriously? i should put one up here “Non-complaining women” And no, you arent nice.

  • brown

    Definitly a oxymoron, Also you need to learn how to spell, you dumb blond!

  • Crackbobby

    i bet you suck a mean dick

  • LogicReason&CommonSense

    “Google it”? Yeah, because Google is ALWAYS right – and everything else on the internet is always right too *sarcasm*. Are you really one of those fools that believes everything they read on the internet?

    Women are not more mature than men. The way you wrote your comment only proves my point. You’re acting like a child – and it’s over something really stupid.

    He wasn’t trying to “diss” your gender. All he said was that not all men are immature and not all women are nice and intelligent. How is that offensive?

    Logic, Reason, & Common Sense

  • AnAdultMale

    Have fun trying to get married.

  • Logic

    Ruining the world? There weren’t too many things wrong with it till people like you were created.

  • blah

    No, he makes a valid point. If you go on believing that EVERY man is an idiot, then how can you have a successful, trusting relationship with one? Explain that to me please.

  • AnAdultMale

    How exactly are we “ruining the world”?

  • Yovlov

    Wow really? A vast majority of the comments here were written by woman and hate on men for being immature. Yet you yourself are acting like you’re little boy who just discovered the CAPS Lock button on his mom’s computer keyboard.

    YOU are the oxymoron – and also a hypocrite.

  • Jhakst

    So true. The woman here are not using logic. If they were then “Adult Male” would not have been listed as an oxymoron.

  • Jhakst

    So you hang around at retirement centers and gay bars?

  • Yovlov

    Then you have not “known” (met) many men.

  • Brochacho

    Woah… good point. *high five*

  • Yovlov

    You’re such a hypocrite. Judging by the other comments you’ve posted here, spelling is definitely NOT your strong point. Go retake elementary school English classes and then come back and post a comment.

  • Yovlov

    Fair enough.

  • Yovlov


  • Wfort252

    I’m a woman, and I thought your was totally hilarious. You made my day! LMAO. Kisses 🙂

  • Wfort252

    I meant to say your comment was hilarious.

  • Frank Carr

    The phrase “adult male” is summed up in one 3-letter word:  “man.”  And this perspective as men being the “kids” of adults is reversing the idea of females being the “fairer sex.”  I don’t know though.  They both have mature qualities of their own.

  • fbsdgsfgsdfg

    Girls Are NOT always more mature. There are lots of Immature guys but there are ALSO lots of immature girls!

  • NeitherGenderIs”Better”

    Not all guys treat their wives like that. Most guys treat them greater than themselves. 

  • sasha

    a nice girl, okay, but not a very intelligent one, obviously!

  • an english teacher

    a nice girl, okay, perhaps, but not a very intelligent one, obviously….

  • the english teacher

    you are SO right. i apologize on behalf of all teachers, not to mention women…men are fine…no more or less immature than many women. 

  • A Thirteen Year Old Scholar

    Seriously, what in the world is wrong with you? You can’t even use correct grammar, yet you talk about how “intelligent” and “mature” you are. I’m only a 13 year old boy, yet am far more nature than most college “women”. How do you explain that except that not all women are nice and intelligent and not all men are rude and ignorant? The theory that all men are “pigs” and are as “dumb as a sac of rocks” is completely stereotypical and, frankly, is quite offensive and false. Some of the most intelligent human beings were men. Not to take any kind of credit away from women, of course. The world would be nothing without women, but, let’s not forget, the world would also be nothing without men.

  • A Thirteen Year Old Scholar

    You are extremely annoying and sexist. No one here appreciates your comments, so you might as well keep them to yourself.

  • A Thirteen Year Old Scholar

    Sorry for any mispellings. My phone has autocorrect and I didn’t catch any errors when I submitted my comment

  • Guest

    Not an oxymoron

  • Bernard Bourdeau

    obviously submitted by a macho female

  • Up All Night

    An adult male is not an oxymoron

  • lol

    Someone’s sextist…

  • don’t think so.

  • Just a Guy

    i don’t believe you’re right, i don’t think a certain gender is more mature than the other. i think it varies for individuals.

  • Loohwa

    Yeah, the internet isn’t always right:
    “You can’t believe everything you read on the internet” ~Abe Lincoln

  • Syrahl

    He never said that women cannot be nice and immature, just that there are some women who are not perfect. He also never said that women are less mature than men. My opinion is that desirable and undesirable traits are spread fairly evenly among all people, regardless of gender. Personality should be judged independently of appearance and physical attributes.

  • Roselyn Connor

    I’m a little tired of it being acceptable to deride men. As a woman, I can’t be silent while other women publicly disrespect men. I have a son, a father, a brother-in-law and a boyfriend. I love and admire these men and won’t allow other women to lump all men into one category. If men said the same things about women, there’d be a massacre. We can’t have it both ways. It’s time for us to grow up or “fair women” will become an oxymoron.

  • Roselyn Connor

    Who ever made this list isn’t objective.

  • Just here to troll…

    I like how Eve came from Adam’s rib…

  • Anon

    Nobody likes being offended.

  • Anon

    You’re dissing men.

  • MasterExploder6

    Honey, you’re making it too easy for people to label you as a hypocrite. Try seeing this from another angle, as in the “men’s side” if you will. You’re not the victim here; Men can get offended, too. Also, there’s a difference between argument and discussion. Intelligent people DISCUSS things in a more formal manner. You should maybe think about backing up your argument before posting. Now, just because we usually mature sooner than men doesn’t necessarily mean we’re any more mature than them, and frankly, your comments certainly don’t bring justice to anyone.

  • Eris Eris

    Our sense of right and wrong varies…Men tend to be more rational while women usually like to follow their moral judgement…or something like that. So in a way, you’re both right and wrong.

    But I completely agree with you about the PMS thing, It doesn’t give us an excuse to act…well, bitchy.

  • Eris Eris

    I really wish I could prove you wrong about the society part, but unfortunately, you’re right. If it’s any consolation, I wouldn’t kick you in the crotch.

  • john Catao

    Without men you would have been still sitting in cave poking stick at your p**sy.

  • shleeee


  • Hippo

    okay…just wanted to say…men basically ruled the entire world until like the 1940s and 50s, even though women had been trying for equal treatment since the late 1800s. so it’s kinda fair that it’s accepted more when women make sexist jokes. just sayin.

  • Hippo

    and adding this…it’s not our fault we have periods…men should have to put up with us for that time of the month. plus we’re the ones who have to get pregnant.

  • BeNiceOrGTFO

    Again, we seem to have gone off track. This “discussion” is supposed to to be about the alleged oxymoron, “Adult Male.” Very few, if any, posts in this discussion up ’til now has even remotely mentioned sexually-based preferences. It also seems to me that, again, many of the so-called “people” who post here type before they speak. Sometimes, I wonder what the world would be like without “people” like you.

  • Clare

    Dunno about work places, but at school, any and all sexist jokes are about women. Of course, the jokes are meant to be taken seriously, but not many people mind it too much (assuming it’s only once in a while).

  • common sense female

    bs. not all women sit by the bathroom and cry about it all day. matter of fact, i can’t even tell the diff when i have it and when i dont. and 2 weeks each month? are u crazy? average is 5 days (give or take), so calm da f*ck down with ur fake bs.

  • common sense female


  • common sense female


  • adult female is an oxymoron

    u r stupid

  • adult women is an oxymoron

    As aristotle said

    women are dirt that the men plant their seed on

    beat that

  • WhoseGenderYouShallNeverKnow

    Is it just me, or is all this arguing about sexism the MOST predictable thing that could possibly happen?

  • Burn

    Wow, everyone on this website has proven themselves to be immature, by taking part in the lamest argument. Lol

  • Azure Angel

    Why has it become acceptable in modern times to write as one does not know accepted conventions of standard English? Capitalize the first word of sentences and use apostrophes. Please!
    That being said, your English teacher is out of line. Criticizing all members of a group shows a lack of intelligence and knowledge, as well as prejudicial attitudes and is simply wrong. There are myriad examples of members of both genders being immature, rude and socially unacceptable, dysfunctional or even sociopathic.

    Your English teacher demonstrates that psychologically holding on to having been hurt rather than forgiving and letting go is immature and hurtful to others as well as oneself.
    And I’m a female English teacher.

  • ratch ratch #toocuteforyou

    i am a basic bitch

  • i don’t like my name

    i’m a girl, and i find it really annoying when other women are just like “All men are pigs, ugh.” because i’m just sitting here just like “lol there are nice boys in the world…you just pick the wrong men”

  • An actual adult

    You are absolutely adorable. OF COURSE you’re such a smart wittle 13 year old. So sophisticated and grown up.

  • Hahahaha

    Your comment just proves the point that not all women are nice or intelligent your the prime example

  • ME

    Good job “adult”

  • you’re a dumb bitch

    I’m sorry but when does your GENDER win arguments that YOU start?
    Because I’m 16 years old and I think your post just gave me cancer.
    Oh and by the way Capital lettering your WORDS does not make you more intelligent, nor does it prove your point anymore than my point, to which my point is are you retarded? point proven. (OR IS IT)

  • Some nerd

    They’re not “more” mature. They mature faster. Because they have less to mature.
    Enjoy your inferiority.

  • Reid

    Please, don’t put down women or girls. Why can’t we just all be friends?

    Not all women are nice or intelligent, and the same applies to men. Stop creating illusions of superiority and differences, because in the end, we’re all just human. It’s awful.

    Stupid gender arguments.

  • Kyle

    I smell hypocrisy.

  • Deidre

    Preach it!

  • Ashley

    Sorry, I hate to argue, but the cycle is different for all of us. I don’t mean to make excuses, but can we stop assuming that all people from each gender are the same?
    I’ve had a period for five months.

    Forget averages.
    We’re not one, homogeneous, identical race, we can be diverse. Conformity is not the only option, and it definitely should not be considered as such.

    It’s what leads to stereotypes, sexism, and unfair labeling.

  • Another Guy!

    All these comments are too entertaining LOL. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

  • Adultidea

    All of these comments are just men vs women, with a fair bit of spite. How about we add a new entry to the list as ‘Adult female’? That way we have equality and we can see who gets butt-hurt from that one.

  • Q

    I love this oxymoron

  • John Aliwa

    I’ve met prejudice women and prejudice men really. But seriously, a lot of the time women just group men as ‘pigs’

  • John Aliwa

    Something makes me think your not A NICE GIRL!!!

  • John Aliwa

    She just isn’t a nice girl

  • John Aliwa

    So this is the modern adult (shakes his head)

  • John Aliwa

    :D, I get your joke but, now is frankly not the time

  • John Aliwa


  • John Aliwa

    You said it girl!

  • John Aliwa


  • John Aliwa


  • John Aliwa

    Oh you shut your mouth! :-@!

  • John Aliwa

    Your not helping anyone. And frankly, I’ll tell you where to stuff your comments…

  • Heartcatch

    Why does this still exist it’s not an oxymoron.

  • FuckingAsshole

    If men are worthless, the why don’t you just tell me: Where did you get the sperm?

  • FuckingAsshole

    If men are worthless, the why don’t you just tell me: Where did you get the sperm?

  • notoxymoronoxymoron

    how ironic that this site doesn’t know what the word oxymoron means

  • notoxymoronoxymoron

    how ironic that this site doesn’t know what the word oxymoron means

  • David Geffeney

    How about [ rational woman ]?

  • Mark Tobias

    I think Good Woman is a better example.