advanced BASIC

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  • lolololololololololol

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  • Pooey

    this is a rubbish example

  • Samy Bencherif

    BASIC  in all caps is a programming language. so if something is written in that language that is advanced then what you have is: advanced BASIC

  • Guest

    I get it… Advanced beginner’s all purpose symbolic instruction code. 

  • Nope

    Advanced Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code? a fine example of someone who sees something and assumes it is crap without knowing what it is is the author of this non-oxymoron.

  • Gauge Alford

    xD YES

  • Spart

    Laughing at the programmers taking offense to this.

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  • Jeff

    I’m a programmer, this one is probably my favorite. 🙂