agree to disagree

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  • Katie

    This is totally not an oxymoron. Two parties can come to an understanding that neither will reach a consensus. Hence… “Let’s agree to disagree”

  • desposy

    other than the “totally” this exactly what i was going to say

  • Trey

    Ahem… When two incongruous or contradictory terms are combined, often in the form of a figure of speech, an oxymoron is formed.

    Reference… any reference. They all say the same thing. This figure of speech is an oxymoron. Morons.

    Or shall we agree to disagree?

  • Tame

    This site is full of crap.

  • Betsy

    i hate it when people say this to me to shut me up. Its usually because they cannot think of a good comeback.

  • bing bang

    i love this, because some people fail to realize that opinions are one`s thoughts, and are not always factual.

  • Seth Dixon

    blah blah blah english is gay

  • Joesmith

    so is your mom

  • Katabatic

    More PC garbage. We disagree!

  • Katabatic

    More PC garbage. We disagree!

  • Charleskelly3

    This isn't an oxymoron. When someone says “agree to disagree” it means “we're not getting anywhere, let's just agree that we disagree with each other and leave it at that”

  • Nam Dewishmit

    Agreement concerning disagreement concerning some other subject is not oxymoronic. I say this entry should be removed.

  • Darien

    True Oxymoron. If you disagree how can you agree. This statement means you are emphatic about your disagreement and want to quit the discoussion. You are NOT agreeing. The person that says this is the one copping out of clarifying their position because they have a weak case.

  • Poop


  • Poop


  • Jackbenning

    This is not an oxymoron. The agreement is that you will both agree that you cannot reach consensus or agreement on a particular topic.

  • Carlos

    I hate this one, something a lawyer would say and charge you money for his bit of wisdom.

  • Seimhin

    Here’s your dunce cap, Seth. Now go stand INSIDE the back wall.

  • Seimhin

    A pc [sic] person would never agree to disagree with anyone but a person with evidently superior talents and skills. pc [sic] people would spend the day forcing everyone to be nice. Now isn’t that the seed of a new oxymoron?

  • 123

    it is NOT an oxymoron. it means both you and I agree that we do not see the issue in the same way. I agree that you disagree with me and you agree that I disagree with you = agree to disagree. 
    most certainly NOT an oxymoron.  

  • Harrypetersgill 1

    I’ve agreed to disagree

  • Chag_all

    That would be the “seed” to a very boring way of  interacting  with people.

  • Schizophasia

    Everyone has made a good point but… something can not (be and not be) at the same time. A light switch only has an ‘on or off’ it either is or it isn’t. Realistically the context of the “disagreement” is the determining factor, as there are some things that are nonsensical and neither could know, which would make both parties full of B.S. Which is usually the case when this statement is made.

    People may be better served to just admit that they disagree and be done with it and spend the time in proving their case. Note that the truth needs no argument, no one will disagree that 2+2=4.


    agree to disagree ….while meeting the criteria of “a figure of speech by which a locution produces an incongruous, seemingly self-contradictory effect” is the only way to express the frustration of reasonable, rational individuals when confronted by beliefs and rationals of completely unreasonable and unrational individuals who only believe what they think.

  • Mrqburt

    Not an oxymoron lets agree (now) to disagree  (to is a word which means future tense).  So one is not doing two things at one time they are saying one after the other!

  • Mrqburt

    because no one ever says agree to disagree they always say ?”lets agree to disagree”

  • Burpzasg

    what is this

  • Black_sky_crimson_rain

    oxymoron=christian black metal band

  • Judygreen

    It is used to end a disagreement with a positive out come for both

  • Bri

    agree to disagree is what me and my ex did (:

  • Getme1234

    I liked it very much, its a  great 
    oxymoron example, don’t disagree to agree 

  • Shaniece Bouldin

    you’re dumb

  • Amira Awil

    this is my most favouite oxymoron! its short and spiteful

  • harold

    you’re very, very stupid indeed

  • bunting

    I agree – that this is not an oxymoron. When you agree to disagree you are agreeing on the fact that you disagree, not on the original argument in question. You still disagree on that point – so there is no oxymoron going on. Two points, two opinions. One you agree on, one you don’t. End of story.

  • jsa

    when we agree to disagree there is no solution

  • :-) whatever u think

    Im kinda new here but is it a oxymoron? Because can you agree to something and still at the same time disagree to something else? Maybe it is a oxymoron or maybe it’s not…. It’s all up to you.

  • george

    fuck you

  • hii

    definitely an oxymoron… you can agree and disagree at the same time. yet, you’re agreeing to disagree here. definitely an oxymoron

  • hii


  • No, it means they’ll never agree with you and you’ll never agree with them. It’s ok for two people to have different thoughts and opinions….

  • NOT an oxymoron. Anybody who thinks it is needs to look up the definition. This just means that two or more parties agree than an agreement cannot be reached.

  • dance express

    my mom says this to me all the time, Also now i have one example for my homework sheet thank you oxymoron list

  • Bella

    I don’t think agreeing to disagree is an oxymoronic statement – it states a fact that two people are agreeing that they will not come to an agreement, it acknowledges the difference.

  • I love PUNS PUNS PUNS!

    Like in “pretty ugly”, the pretty means something other than “looking nice”, but pretty is still the “opposite” of ugly. So “agree to disagree” is still an oxymoron.

  • Yup, definitely not an oxymoron.

  • 643

    soo lame

  • Robert

    I’m just doing a homework paper on the word

  • Rick Postma

    It means “I’m tired of talking to you”

  • Jo :)

    I believe that this is a true oxymoron because the definition of oxymoron is… “a combination of contradictory or incongruous words (ascruel kindness); broadly : something (as a concept) that is made up of contradictory or incongruous elements” from Merriam- Webster Dictionary. Agree to disagree means that two figures can both point out they share in common that they have disagreed. (this really can be a matter of opinion)

  • Patty Ann

    Honestly I dont care I have homework on this 😛

  • Englishlover

    Yeah, I am doing a speech topic on this topic and I am finding it hard to come up with stuff so I have done a lot of intense research. Someone says “agree to disagree” is the more peaceful solutions and gives us a reason no to argue. Also that someone doesn’t want to affect their pride even though they know they are wrong. So I feel that this cliche is very wrong.