Awfully pretty

Discuss this oxymoron in the comments below.

  • r_ger_


  • who cares

    I just want to point out that “awful” is really “full of awe,” making it a kind word.

  • cowpiegirl

    yet awful is also used as unpleasent so that makes it a bad word

  • Palmer

    That's inaccurate… Awful is more like an opposite of being full of awe.In fact, awful has nothing to do with awe.

  • Herro

    ur all confusing me!

  • Herro

    ur all confusing me!

  • Simplyfied

    It was a pun. I hope.

  • bunting

    The original meaning of awful was indeed full of awe, as ‘who cares’ pointed out… it has changed in recent usage, nobody uses it that way any more – but in this usage it means ‘really’, which is derivative of the original meaning… the English language… go figure…

  • toyguy22

    What the Heck.?!?!?