bass guitar

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  • not really an oxymoron. unless alto flute or bass flute, bass clarinet etc. are also oxymorons.

    i nominate ‘steady jazz gig’ .

  • Judy

    Please explain how bass guitar is an oxymoron. Thank you

  • 4chan

    this isn't an oxymoron you fucking whore I hope you die

  • CoolGuy

    take it easy there buddy, no one should die over an oxymoron

  • Validemail

    All the bassists are pissed lolincluding myself how the fuck is this an oxymoron?bass is a type of guitar

  • Pha-q-pal

    bass drum? bass fishing?

  • Pha Q

    do you eat with tha mouth ?

  • Pha-q-pal

    bass drum? bass fishing?

  • Pha Q

    do you eat with tha mouth ?

  • Apgent

    There IS a BASS guitar. It’s a six string guitear, played the same as a regular 6 string, but an octave(?) lower. A Spanish/Mexican instrument used in traditional music.

  • arnold friend

    What 😐

  • DJKen

    Not seeing this as an oxymoron… there is an instruemnt based on the classic guitar shape but with four strings commonly called a “Bass Guitar”, it’s more accurately an “Electric Bass” but since it departs from the form of the upright bass, the “guitar” tag works for it too. There’s also a Baritone Guitar, (made famous by Danelectro), where the six-string neck is placed on a bass body and it’s tuned an octave lower… a very popular instrument in 60’s westerns and surf music.

  • PRCA

    Yes, the bass guitar is an oxymoron musical instrument. With most musical instruments you actually have to learn to play them before you can actually play them. With the bass guitar you can start playing it from day one doing Roots, Root-Octave, Root-Fifth, simple walkup, simple walkdown, and etc. without really knowing how to play the bass guitar and not using walking bass lines and more complex bass lines. If you keep the bass line simple you will discover that the bass line will go in a L-Shape pattern on the fret board. A person can do this type of playing from day one without really knowing how how to play the bass guitar. This type of bass playing is very common in classic country music that a person can do from day one with a bass guitar.