Bitter Sweet

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  • Jasmine

    Omgg ommgg ommgg omgg omgg omgg Hhaha Gurr…! A Lemonn iss BBitterr andd ahhh A Canndy iss Sweet.. HAHAa MAhh hair is Furredd likke isss Chicck.<33 HAha Goin to a GoGo Party at 12:00 r u commin or watt

  • Kpillay

    I love this oxymoron its one of my faviourites, I try(but dont usually succeed) to use it in all my writting

  • softballchic

    this is me. i am bitter and sweet

  • softballchic

    this is me. i am bitter and sweet

  • 30tbone


  • G-alex

    bitter sweet, circular square, open secret, liquid gas funny oxymoron’s
    www. lol 🙂

  • Hi

    flour and sugar?

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  • Vera

    they are complete opposites!