Black Russian

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  • Oxymoron? Has no one heard of the great Russian general and engineer Ibrahim Petrovich Gannibal?!

  • jyo

    russia seems so isolated

  • harry potter

    well what do you mean by blacki mean,isnt that racist?

  • Black Russian? I guess this is possible when this person is half African and half Russian.

  • Bobb

    Russia is like 99.9% white

  • Bobb

    Russia is like 99.9% white

  • Madrunner

    this blows penis

  • Paul

    Haha this is a funny one, the only ‘black’ (African) Russians are athletes whom were given citizenship to win Russia medals. There are plenty of Middle Easterns but hardly any proper blacks in Russia.

  • Julkene

    I agree that Russia is 99.9% white but I am half Russian and half Nigerian and I was born in Russia! Pushkin is another Russian who comes from a dual heritage background… food for thought?!

  • Afm789456123

    shut up u communist piece of shit

  • champion

    I think it is high-time that intelligent people understand that every white person can be traced back to the Edomites and Noah’s three sons Ham, Shem and Japeth. Japath (white Child of Noah) inhabited the black sea region of Magog, which is modern day Russia. Recently, on Discovery chanel, a program featured¬†a random selection of caucasin people in europe and traced their past to ATurkey,Iran and Africa. There is no pure stoch individual!

  • Durak

    It’s NOT a literal item folks. Sheeesh, a black russian is a drink and as such is not oxymoronic

  • coolguy70208

    i am half russian and half african, my mother is russian and my father african so this is completely possible.

  • Mia

    LOL HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mags

    My question is, if Esau was from Shem and Europeans, including Ashkenazi, are from Japhath, how can Europeans be both from Shem and Japath ?