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    lol lol lol lol

  • confused

    butthead intersting but how is that complete oppisite from each other makinga new meaning?

  • Magenta

    you're mature.

  • Qhg


  • Qhg


  • Nathan007


  • stuff

    your head is up and but is down. Idiot.

  • Immabarnbabe

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! hilarious

  • Ben

    what if something happened to you while being born and you actually ended up having a butt as a head and a head as a butt? wouldn’t that be like having eyes on the back of your head, only since your head is your butt it wouldn’t be on your head but on your penis?

  • Pooey

    rofl (roll on the floor laughing

  • Guest


  • Paul Byrum101

    chips are cute!

  • Laothagoras

    teach high schoolers long enough and you might not think this is an oxymoron