cruel kindness

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  • If Perfection existed …

  • Perfection will never exist…we are not to be perfect!!

  • Jhenny06_91

    pls explain the cruel kindness

  • Jhenny06_91

    pls explain the cruel kindness

  • Loringiro

    Old news.

  • Seimhin

    This is not exactly an oxymoron. It is a recurring motif involving a seemingly friendly villain and a trapped hero.

  • champion

    A good example of this is when Jesus requested of his Father:”If it is posiible take this cup from me” (in other word to paraphrase:”If there’s another way you can reconcile mankind to yourself to accomplish your will”). But the scripture says that it pleased god to punish him so that the world could be reconciled to him – a picture of “cruel” kindness” for mankinds benefit.