Honest Politician

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  • Pooey

    this is defiinitely true

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hersh-Lionel-Adlerstein/824167426 Hersh Lionel Adlerstein

    Honest politician is an oxymoron similar to “celibate whore” 

  • Bernard Bourdeau

    This on be the ultimate oxymoron of all times……

  • Juliana Niki Bennett

    it is very funny

  • Juliana Niki Bennett


  • Juliana Niki Bennett

    every person here who believes this is not funny is a total douche because everyone knows politicians aren’t honest

  • OldHagInTieDye

    And then there are those who desperately need to learn proper spelling & punctuation.

  • OldHagInTieDye

    To clarify, some of those who desperately need to learn proper spelling & punctuation might also try learning the difference between “contraction” and “contradiction.” Furthermore, I do not care what English-speaking country they call home. They have no business correcting others unless they can demonstrate their own perfection in the language.