Microsoft Works

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  • Firstname Lastname

    So true.

  • johnmairs

    One of my favourites, making a little sarcasm go a long way!! LOL 🙂

  • chegg

    its true thought lol its like an awesome oxymoron

  • anon

    apple productivity suite…

  • Elie Z

    lol this is my favorite

  • yep

  • yes

  • bnd987345

    I say this all the time.MICROSOFT DOESN'T WORK!

  • Apple hater

    Microsoft is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than what apple will ever be

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  • Guest


  • Zack

    I don’t get it I am using a Microsoft computer right now and it certainly works. I guess its just the dumb ass mac users out there who need everything to be so “user friendly” that theres only three functions. Just because your too stupid to use something doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

  • Skunkworks

    I guess those people that think this is apple people bashing microsoft don’t know that microsoft put out a program years ago called “Microsoft Works” which did not work all that well when it first came out.

  • surfer

     Oh –we’re sorry–Did you not know? MICROSOFT does not make COMPUTERS!
    —-They CLAIM to Innovate –and make software …and the Xbox is a Game system –so dont even get started there.

  • Rich123321

    Microsoft certainly have upped their game nowadays, though the numerous BSODs and errors encountered in previous versions of Windows, along with their infamous MS Works suite, certainly make this a valid oxymoron.

  • true man

    so true so true

  • Txobluki

    I think Microsoft is much better than Apple.

  • Txobluki

    I think Microsoft is much better than Apple.