military intelligence

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  • I love your list . I looked,and found everyone of my favorites.

    Ps. i also gave you a review on S.U. {good one}

  • Tired, tired, tired gibe, this is.

  • Tired, tired, tired gibe, this is.

  • Bogkhara

    And entirely accurate.

  • Insanerussian

    Military Untelligence is just one big acronym

    Mainly It Looks Into Things About Rank Yet Its Not Terribly Exact Large Lapses In Guesswork Evidentaly Never Called Errors

  • 123

    LOL =3 

  • Cchoe12

    I get it. Because people think war is dumb.

  • Yamum


  • Yamum

    this is SPARTA.

  • Yamum

    I dont get it. HOw is this an oxymoron?

  • Yamum Im wathcing you…

    Sparta rocks. go war.

  • rich niqqashizz

    because militants are stupid, generally. they have to sign up because they’re too dumb to find a civilian job

  • ZZMike

    It should be more accurately described as a “snarky oxymoron”: one that’s an oxymoron only designed to insult the subject.

  • friendly fire