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  • weirdo

    that is not an oxymoron

  • weirdo's friend…

    thats a moron….

  • ianazarian

    screw you

  • narsis

    is the”flourishing lorn” an oxymorom in english?

  • Randomgirl

    i dot get why “oxymoron” is and oxymoron

  • Leslie

    oxymoron is indeed an oxymoron because the prefics oxy meaning sharp and then sufix meaning dull or understated

  • Docter What

    Both oxy and moron are greek

  • Docter What

    Both oxy and moron are greek

  • OldWise

    But you are the greek suffix of oxymoron

  • Aron Tobias

    so true!)

  • guest

    I love how words can be an example of themselves-so true right?

  • Lolo196577

     Oxymoron means good, bright, positive things such as thoughts and actions.

  • Jnelson4559

    Yes but oxymoron is latin

  • Ragreen21

    Oxy from the Greek “Oxus” ‘sharp, pointed’ and “moron” ‘foolish’, so pointedly, explicitly ridiculous.

  • Charlie

    from Greek oxumōron, from oxus sharp + mōros stupid]

  • whats a goat?

    at first when i found out oxymoron was an oxymoron, i’m like, “how so?”. but then i read the comments and found out. thanks guys <3

  • Big papa

    Me and Tristan chillen class reading this junk dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Braxton p.

    Forgett Obama that anti Christ nigger

  • Karl

    Like, prefix! Cool right?

  • Daniel

    I AM an oxymoron!!

  • Jim Stuart

    Quick cryptic

  • Hannah

    An example of an oxymoron, I think is quite clever is dry rain.
    Thanks for reading to the end!

  • Valentina Hoff

    Bitter and sweet

  • Valentina Hoff

    Bitter and sweet

  • Nathan

    remotely touching

  • Bob Sherman

    Screamed Silently

  • Dolly

    A deafening silence

  • Dolly

    A deafening silence

  • Annaira

    Harshly Whispered

  • Styxx

    Definitely No

  • john poopy


  • Terri Hanson

    fresh crouton

  • Mike

    Media credibility
    media expert
    expert journalist

  • lucas

    cold summer

  • lucas

    cold summer

  • Rafael gomez

    Lead Balloon

  • Jeff Steele