Republican Party

Discuss this oxymoron in the comments below.

  • Lew Block

    I have a friend who says he is a “poor Republican”. I told him that was an oxymoron. Right?

  • John Smith


  • HarleyHarmon

    poor Republican is not an oxymoron as I’m a poor Republican but I’m not an oxymoron.   I may be a moron all right, but no oxymoron.

  • Tom Courtney

    Isn’t the term Republican an oxymoron? I mean Republicans believe in the smallest government possible, don’t they? So what are they doing in government?

  • Terry

    Reasonable conservative and compassionate conservatives get my vote.

  • Don Boyer

    The Republican Party has given us a new oxymoron. A revenue neutral tax cut! The only thing I am more amazed by is the willingness of people to view this with excitement!

  • interesting..

    Republicans only believe in small government when it comes to helping those in need. They have proven to be the biggest spenders since at least Ronald Reagan’s time. Deficits increase under Republican rule. NOW that is an oxymoron.

  • interesting….

    The trick is reasonable..that is not and has not been the republican way for over a decade. There is so much more that could be done…from an economic perspective then what they are laying on the table. In fact, if you look at federal data for the past 40 years, our deficits increase and our average per capital wages decline under republican rule….and compassionate? Hardly, Haven’t seen compassionate republicans in at least a decade now 🙁

  • interesting…

    Maybe not..been a CPA for the past 27 years. I have found that poor (even wealthy ones) republicans tend to be a bit unsophisticated about our economy and a bit more easily mislead. As has been shown this last election, the republicans were seriously misleading the poorer populations with false advertising regarding their stances. In some poor areas of the USA they were claiming their stances were what the democratic platform stood for! And…people believed it. If the public is constantly bombarded with misstatements and misrepresentations and don’t have access to the truth, what can we expect?